Al-Amal Physical Therapy Center – Testimonials

“The best physical therapy center in Egypt, very professional stuff, very well equipped and always using international protocols for treatment, i have been there for a treatment of a severe herniated disk in my lower back with a severe pain in my left lower limb and with the treatment in Al Amal physical therapy i have progressed to be with a free pain movement and i return back to my work, i have been treated with the newest equipment, many of exercises, gait training and home program. I do recommend Al Amal physical therapy center to anyone.”

Treatment Received : Herniated disk

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“I am very pleased with the treatments received; I have a recurrent pain in the leg due to herniated disks plus a poor attitude and respect for my body , I am happy I found this center so I know where to go when I am in need; Dr. Sherif is a highly professional physiotherapist , he blends very well his knowledge and study of the patient’s response to get the best results ; Every treatment is targeting the needed area according to the evolution of the situation, not just a repetitive series of treatment for everybody; Definitely I recommend Al Amal Physical Therapy.”

Treatment Received : Cold Laser Therapy – Therapeutic ultrasound – TENS or electrotherapy – Infrared radiation

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“I don’t see a reason why Al-Amal shouldn’t be the first on ones list for physical treatment. There is everything one possibly needs for best treatment with the available equipment, personalized space, hygienic beds, exercising area, professional doctor and personalized care. I am a frequent goer as I am subject to integrated levels of a herniated disc in my lower back. I have been receiving the best service, as compared to other physical therapy centers, and I have my own profile with the doctor. In addition to the treatment received in the center, I am given exercises to be done at home as to help the healing process. The center’s standards are high and the ethics ruling the workplace makes me thankful for my decision. I currently study abroad and maintain my contact with the doctor via email. I am given instructions as to how I should act towards helping my lower back heal until I finish my academic term and come back. I usually don’t write reviews but DEFINITELY, I recommend this place.”

Treatment Received : herniated disc

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