Al-Amal Physical Therapy Center – FAQ

Based on our credentialed and experienced staff, we’re able to work with patients of all ages. Our therapists have worked in multiple settings, and this has given them the experience needed to provide the best care for different clients.

The treatment you receive in physical therapy will depend upon what the therapist finds in the evaluation. We do not stress “feel good” modalities such as massage, but may utilize some modalities such as ultrasound, heat or ice and electrical stimulation to assist with reducing swelling and pain for allowing you to tolerate a high degree of therapeutic intervention.

Because your physical therapist will perform a meticulous evaluation, quantifying and qualifying all the deficits and problems you are presenting with, re-evaluations with re-measurement to determine progress are possible. You will be re-evaluated on a periodic basis. The frequency of this will depend upon your diagnosis as well as the chronicity of the problem.