In order to achieve maximum results, your treatment must begin as soon as possible; you’ll be happy to know that Al-Amal Physical Therapy Center can get you in for your appointment promptly.


Al-Amal Physical Therapy Center uses hands-on treatment to increase mobility and improve function, along with specific exercise programs to provide pain relief and assist in achieving your physical and functional goals.

Specialized Clinics

Sports Injury

Sports Injury

Al-Amal Physical Therapy center, we offer one-on-one care with an emphasis on maximizing your potential and preventing re-injury through the use of core stabilization and efficient movement strategies. Our therapists focus on improving athleticism and refining the specialized movement patterns required during sports.

Before designing a treatment program, your physical therapist will conduct an initial assessment and develop your peak performance. Our comprehensive evaluation includes a biomechanical analysis of your sport performance, linking it to the entire body. The athletes we treat are encouraged and empowered to become active partners in their rehabilitation.

An integral part of the success of Al-Amal Physical Therapy Center is our focus on a comprehensive range of care including pre-habilitation. Whenever possible, we train our patients to achieve best possible fitness and movement skills before surgery to shorten the duration and expenses after surgery. We provide:

  • Pre-habilitation to prepare athletes for surgery.
  • Acute injury therapy to manage pain, minimize compensation.
  • Post-operative recovery to return to competition and work/school.
  • Sport Specific Biomechanics Assessment and training to identify and address movement skill issues, overuse problems, and to help athletes achieve the highest level of efficiency.

We have designed and developed our treatment protocols to overcome the vast challenges of complex injuries. Our highly experienced staff identifies and corrects biomechanical issues through physical examination. Our goal is to quickly and accurately identify what may have contributed to the injury or slow the recovery. Most often, our athletes return to their sport stronger, faster, more agile, and more biomechanically sound than they were before their injury.

Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

Falls are the most common cause of hospital admissions for trauma among older adults. Medical research provides good news for those concerned about a serious fall. Future falls can be reduced by 25-39% in two steps: a Fall Risk Assessment, followed by interventions to address the pertinent findings. Al-Amal Physical Therapy Center is offering an informative class on fall prevention, taught by our knowledgeable staff!

Your sense of balance is made up of complex interactions between many different body systems.These interactions include: Your vestibular system (the inner ear) monitors the relationship between eye and head movement, your eyes give information regarding the surrounding area including obstacles in your path, skin pressure receptors (especially in your feet) sense what part of your body is touching the ground, your muscle and joint receptors give information about what part of the body is moving and in what direction. All of these interactions are controlled by the brain and spinal cord which help gather information from your body and your surrounding area to keep you from falling.

Falls are the leading cause of injury and injury related death among older adults. Many people who do fall develop a fear of falling leading to a decreased activity and mobility level, actually increasing their fall risk.

A physical therapist can evaluate your risk of falling, gait (the way you walk), balance and muscle strength. In Physical Therapy, you will be instructed in a customized exercise program to increase your balance, muscle strength, and improve your walking tolerance and pattern.

Work-Related Injury

Work Injury

Although working at a computer doesn’t sound like dangerous work, it can cause repetitive strain injuries (like carpal tunnel syndrome). Posture-related problems may also occur – like pain in the back, neck, shoulders, arm, wrist and hand. To prevent computer-related injuries, including muscle and joint soreness, remember to take frequent breaks to stretch and relieve muscle tension. Design a more comfortable and ergonomically correct work space.

Our program is designed to maintain the health, wellness and safety of the workforce through evaluation and reconditioning of injured workers. Our services support work-injury prevention and employee rehabilitation, and help decrease time on disability as well as costs related to lost work time. We can assist by providing education regarding ergonomic work practices and use of protective body mechanics that help establish and maintain healthy work habits.